What do we offer

Free Huggies nappies


Support Contacts

We have members of the club who are available for discussion and support as 'people who have been through it'. These include breastfeeding contact, premature birth contact, IVF contact, special needs contact, HOM contact (for families with triplets and higher order multiples). We have a closed Facebook group where members can ask questions and seek advice 24/7. 

Bereavement contact is referred to a trained counsellor who has experienced multiple birth loss. It is also available through AMBA.

Expectancy Program

The Expectancy Program is a series of informal discussion groups for parents expecting multiples. These sessions provide an opportunity for the parents to discuss any concerns they may have, to meet with other parents in similar situations, and to borrow from the library of books and videos.


The club newsletter, "Gemini News", is issued every month (except January) to all members and subscribers. It provides all the dates and details of upcoming events for the club, members' contributions, classified advertisements, and all other relevant information for the club.

Unless advised otherwise by individual members, the newsletter is sent by email to all whose names are on the e-mail list, and by post to the rest. Members on the e-mail list may receive a posted copy if they prefer.

Second-hand Equipment (For Sale and Wanted to Buy)

The club's Facebook page is open to members to post second-hand items for sale, items wanted, or items offered for free to other multiple families. This is well-used by our members and provides opportunities to dispose of equipment no longer needed (often in quantities of two or more!), as well as to make considerable savings when buying used equipment (prams, cots, clothing, toys etc.), or picking up some free items ready to find their new multiple home.
Second hand items may also be advertised free of charge in our newsletter, 'Gemini News'.

In all cases the club only provides the ability to advertise. Purchase and sale arrangements are made between private individuals.

Social Functions

The club has a number of social activities including coffee mornings, family outings, mothers' nights out, Dads' golf days, occasional get-togethers for those with children at school or in their teens, luncheons for those with adult children, and the always enjoyable annual birthday picnic and Christmas party (complete with a visit from Santa).

The coffee mornings currently are for parents of 'Babies and Non-Walkers', 'Toddlers' as well as 'All-Ages'. They are sometimes held in private homes of members, or at venues like fenced parks, community halls or shopping centre playgrounds.

Information Evenings

The club holds several 'members only' information evenings each year.  These evenings cover topics such as School Readiness, Infant CPR Demonstration and Helpful Tips for Fussy Eaters.  We also offer information on the highly respected Positive Parenting Program.